About us

As I’m sure you have already gathered we specialise in vintage wooden chests, metal chests, trunks, steamer trunks, metal trunks, leather trunks and blanket boxes. We have a passion for finding unusual old antique trunks and chests.

Some of the chests can be 300 years old and the history they hold fascinates us. We always think of the journey it might have been on and the people who have owned it and what it might have been used for.

Many have travelled the world and have seen battles and wars come and go and yet they are still here in one piece in 2014. To last hundreds of years it shows the workmanship and attention to detail craftsmen took when making these old chests, trunks and blanket boxes.

We also stock a range of new storage chests and trunks for the designer home. Trunks and chests look great and are also a very practical storage solution. Many can be used as coffee tables or side tables in a living or dining room to store magazines, books or for anything else you would like to hide away. Many look great at the bottom of a bed and can be used to store blankets and bed sheets.

We are based in North Wales, UK and can ship to anywhere in Europe.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by clicking the contact us link at the bottom of this page.